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Lantallack Cornwall Wedding Photographer

Well where to start with Em & Jon? I will always remember these two for so many reasons. In fact maybe I’ll bullet point some reasons- who doesn’t like bullet points?:

  • They’re pretty great
  • We first met at Borough Market in London, and I had quite a memorable banana, chocolate and caramel brioche toastie while we chatted about their big day. If you’re in the area, you simply need to stop by the Rabot Estate cafe and try one for yourself. And *ahem*,  of course, Em and Jon made excellent company.
  • Their wedding venue – Lantallack- was set in B. E. A. You-tiful Cornish countryside
  • Em & Jon always seemed to have a definite idea of how they wanted their wedding day to be. And they delivered it to a T.
  • We were made to feel like guests and friends

But anyway, on to their big day. Having lived in Japan for a while, Japanese culture occupies a special place in the hearts of Em & Jon, and there were many aspects of it throughout their day…koi carp, 1000 paper cranes, Japanese food….I probably should just let the pictures say the rest, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably, and enjoy:

Check out the re-purposed vintage bakelite knitting needles, now bracelets.

Custom-made Converse all round:

I love this shot. Jon seeing his sister Miriam (she makes the rather fine cakes you’ll see in a bit).

The ceremony location, with hay bales for seats. The ceremony was moved here as originally it was intended to be outside, but rain put pay to that. I’m kind of glad about it as this made for such cosy pictures!

Here comes the bride:

Ever tried tilt-shifting on a moving subject (i.e. the boy on the swing)? It ain’t easy, but I have no problem saying I nailed it!

Time for bubbles. Always love this bit.

“Damn you, pesky bubbles!”

Time for just a few family shots for posterity.

Da Boyz.

Da Girlz.

Love this lil guy (the dog, not Jon, although I do quite like him too). You’ll be seeing pooch again in a bit, as he enjoys a good speech.

Kids reclaim their swing from an adult. I had to stop shooting after this shot as it all got a bit nasty. Just joking, they were cute kids who actually did a brilliant job as press photographers for Em & Jon throughout the day.

Some down-time with the nice newlyweds, Mr & Mrs Nice. I joke not, that is their name.

If there is a barn, we will use it.

Cakes by Miriam. You can check her link out at the bottom of this post.

Deets ‘o’ plenty.

Home made jam for each guest. We got some too, and it was rather delicious!

As the speeches were happening, I looked outside the marquee and saw this little dog listening intently.

The sun’s starting to go down for the day. Time for some evening light.

Just to show that my earlier tilt-shift on a moving subject was no fluke, I decided to do it again to prove the point. Aside from that, I love the mood in this shot.

Time for one last shot before leaving the party:

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