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Jane & Sam on Film – Taitlands – North Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Film photography (yes, that’s right, where you put the roll of film into your camera and don’t get to see the results until you develop it!) is a growing passion of ours, and in particular, shooting medium format film on our beloved Contax 645s.  We love film so much that we’ve even started up a film developing and scanning lab called UK Film Lab, which is growing in popularity every day and allowing us to be part of a wonderful film shooting community.  Soon we’ll be introducing film packages into our wedding photography services, in addition to our existing film-only venture, One Experience.  But having seen some of our film work, the sweet, funny and wonderfully enthusiastic Jane and Sam, asked us if we’d shoot some at their wedding last month.  And of course we said yes!  We love the soft, beautiful colours of colour film and the clean, natural look of black and white film; we love the way in makes us take photographs; we love the simplicity and yet the skill involved; and we love the exciting anticipation of waiting to see your images.  Thank you Jane and Sam for your passion and enthusiasm for having beautiful wedding photographs, and for making it so easy and enjoyable for us to take them.  These were shot on a mixture of Fuji 400H, Portra 800 and TRI-X 400, developed and scanned by us, at the amazingly beautiful Taitlands in North Yorkshire.

August 7, 2013 - 12:01 pm

Katharine Peachey - Delightful, especially those lovely evening light portraits. And just realised you are UK film lab too! How exciting.

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