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Catherine & Carl | Rock & Romance | Pre-wedding shoot

Catherine and Carl are getting married in Bakewell tomorrow, with their reception at the impressive Hassop Hall. Some may be wondering what the ‘Rock’ part of the post title is all about, so to fill you in, it’s a reference to Carl’s rock credentials as a musician in Laruso and his role of record producer. The shoot was originally scheduled a while back, but we’d gotten a call from Carl at an airport on his way to a record ’emergency’ in San Francisco that he’d been called away for on the day of the shoot. It seemed pretty fitting then that we did their pre-wedding shoot at the site of Carl’s home and recording studio, and it was fun to be able to wander around the grounds in the countryside and capture photos in a place where so much time has been spent! Carl and Catherine are a really happy couple- fun to be around and fun to photograph, and it has to be said they make our job easy! They also wanted a few shots with their dog, Belle, who it has to be said did not make our job so easy! Belle is cute and crazy seemingly in equal proportions, though admittedly appears quite adept at posing for the camera in the photos below! See you tomorrow Catherine and Carl, and we hope you enjoy your pre-wedding photos…

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