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Holly & Dan’s New Year Nuptials | Ringwood Hall Wedding

Holly and Dan had their wedding on 2nd January 2011, so surely they must be one of the very first couples to marry in 2011?! Just 2 degrees above freezing, it was a cold day, but everybody was so happy to be there for this special couple on their most special day that I don’t think for one minute that anybody let it bother them. Dan is the cousin of Michael (whose wedding we photographed in 2010), whose wife is the sister of Charlotte, whose wedding we photographed in 2009. Did you follow that?! It’s so nice for Erica and I to photograph the weddings of people who are friends or family of those we’ve photographed before- for us the best compliment we could ever receive is when a previous client refers us to somebody they know, and it’s nice to see previous clients again at weddings we’re at. But on to Holly and Dan. Holly and Dan had their ceremony at St. Leonard’s Church in Scarcliffe, and then moved swiftly on to the warmth of Ringwood Hall. As it was so close to Christmas, Ringwood Hall was decked out in decorations and as the light faded outside, the flickering Christmas tree lights inside added to the cosiness of the wedding reception where everybody was having a lovely time. As always, we’ve selected a few of our favourites to form a sneak preview. Looking forward to sharing all the photos with you soon Holly and Dan!

This pocket-watch of Dan’s was left to him by his grandad, so I thought it would make a nice photo.

Time for an f1.2 portrait!

I love big smiles like this!

I love the dreamy haziness to this…

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January 17, 2011 - 5:58 am

Roger Ford - Great series! I really like the lighting in your photos… I’m a sucker for flare these days, so I’m loving the last photo!

Slightly off topic, but I notice that you don’t have an RSS feed on your blog… Is that the case or is it just too early for me at the moment?!

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