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Prizes Galore and Christian Ward Photography Blog v2.0

We have plans for 2010. Big plans. No, wait- big BIG plans.

No, wait again- BIG BIG BI…I think you get the message (about the big plans).

Our blog is going to become multi-dimensional. You’ll notice that at the moment we mainly use it to showcase the weddings we photograph in order to give you a better look at our work than what can be given in our website galleries. We like it that way but we realise it could be so much more. So it’s going to do all the stuff it usually does, but with extra content and a wider appeal:

-Want to read interviews with local wedding vendors that we like? Check.

-Want to see photos from some of the best wedding photographers around the world, and hear what they have to say to Christian Ward Photography? You betcha.

-Want general wedding day tips from wedding professionals for brides, grooms and photographers? Yessiree.

-Want Krispy Kreme doughnuts to be available by mail order? Well we want this too, but it’s not good news I’m afraid. Freshly baked goods don’t travel well in the post, apparently. I say it’s worth a shot- a squashed, 2 day old glazed maple doughnut is better than no maple glazed doughnut.

We’re excited about it and we just wanted to spread the news. Sign up to our blog, follow us on Twitter, become a fan of our Facebook page- just do whatever you need to do to ensure you don’t miss out on our updates. In fact, anybody signing up to all 3 (blog, Twitter and Facebook) during February 2010 will get a prize. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to spot who you are and will contact you for a postal address to receive the goodies!

Lastly, because we can’t have a blog post without a photo, here’s another from Canada. This is Mount Rundle in the heart of Banff National Park, one of our favourite places.


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