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Across the Deep Blue Sea.

Some people may be surprised at the level of detail we know about the visitors to our blog. Thanks to Google Analytics, we can easily run reports that tell us how many people visit our site, where they’re from, what they look at and how long for, whether they use a PC or a Mac, how they found our site, and a whole host of other things such as what they ate for tea last night. (I was joking about one of those things). It always surprises me just how far and wide our blog reaches, and so I thought I would share a snippet of information with you. Over the last 7 days alone, we have had visitors from no less than 11 countries; see below to see which ones! So whichever country you may be in when you’re reading this, from our land to yours (in order of the list below): 

Hello, s’up, hey, hai, g’day sport, hallo, namaste, goeden dag, hola, hallo, Привет

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